Bank of Canada 1954 $10 BCS Extra Fine 45 BC-40b Beattie Rasminsky Mod - Lovable Collectibles

Bank of Canada 1954 $10 BCS Extra Fine 45 BC-40b Beattie Rasminsky Modified Portrait

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Bank of Canada 1954 $10 BCS  Extra Fine 45 BC-40b Beattie - Rasminsky Modified Portrait


Brief History

The 1954 issues of Canadian paper money are the third issue of the Bank of Canada and the second of a bilingual format, prepared and released following the death of King George IV and the ascension of Queen Elizabeth II to the throne. While these issues retain the denomination colours and the bilingual format as their predecessors, their ornamentation uses a modern 1950 style referencing Canada's colonial past and landscapes rather than the Victorian style vignettes. The printing contracts for the $5 denomination were divided between the Canadian Bank Note Company and British American Bank Note Company. The 1954 issue notes measured 6 X 2 3/4 inches. The serial number of the notes are preceded by two prefix letters in a fractional form, with the numerator (upper letter) denoting the series letter for which all letters except Q are used, and the denominator (lower letter) which is used for only one specific denomination. The former 1954 issues demonstrate an illusion of a demonic face behind the ear of the Elizabeth II therefore the portrait was modified by darkening the highlights in the hair thus removing the shading (the illusion of the devil's face). The plates with the modified face portrait were used for most denominations in 1956. 



Presented here is a beautiful Extra Fine 45 Original $10 1954 Bank of Canada note having a modified portrait of Queen Elizabeth II (black with purple tine) on the front and the Mount Burgess in British Columbia on the back, with an imprint of the British American Bank Note Company, signed by J.R. Beattie (left) and L. Rasminsky (right). 

Institute: Bank of Canada

Denomination: $10

Issue: Modified Portrait

2 Letter Prefix and Serial: S/V 7752172

Cat No.: BC-40b

Year: 1954

Size: 6 X 2 3/4 inches

Front: Queen Elizabeth II 

Back: Mount Burgess in British Columbia

Contractor: British American Bank Note Company

Grader: BCS

Grade: Extra Fine 45 Original

What you is what you will get. It is great addition to your collection, or to initiate someone into a hobby, or as a gift to a history enthusiast.

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