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1787 US Fugio Copper "Franklin Cent", 4 Cinq, BN Regular Strike PCGS VF30

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1787 US Fugio Copper "Franklin Cent", 4 Cinq, BN Regular Strike PCGS VF30

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Fugio cents are the first coins issued by authority of the United States. Articles in the Journal of Congress show that the board of treasury authorized three hundred tons of copper coin of the federal standard (obtained from military stores or salvaged metal) to be coined at the expense of the contractor : Mr James Jarvis. 

The board resolved that the contractor stamp on one side of each piece the following: thirteen circles linked together (representing the thirteen colonies), a small circle in the center with the words "United States" around it, and the words "We are one" in the center. The other side of the same piece was to be stamped with: a dial with the hours expressed on the face, a meridian sun above on one side of which is the word "Fugio" (symbolic of the fleeting nature of time) and on the other the year in figures "1787". Below the dial, the words, "Mind your business". 

The cent has also been referred to as the Franklin cent. These Fugio pieces were coined in New Haven, Connecticut.


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